Housing Services

Affordable quality housing has always been at the forefront of CPLC’s comprehensive service system. To this end, CPLC has established an extensive housing system that incorporates several approaches to the development of affordable quality housing. The agency offers counseling services to clients on mortgage default, pre-purchase, post-purchase, and first time home buyer education, financial literacy, foreclosure prevention and fair housing. 

As of January 2013, CPLC Nevada in partnership with Freddie Mac operates 1 of 13 Freddie Mac Borrower Help Centers (FMBHC) across the country. As an on-the-ground Borrower Help Center and through Freddie Mac’s national network, the center works as a trusted national nonprofit intermediary in support of Freddie Mac’s ongoing commitment of preparing prospective buyers for responsible homeownership and helping struggling homeowners with Freddie Mac-owned mortgages avoid foreclosure. Borrower Help Centers were established during the housing crisis, and played a critical role in helping clients with Freddie Mac-owned mortgages at risk of losing their homes understand, identify, and pursue a foreclosure prevention solution with their mortgage loan servicers, whenever possible. To find your nearest Freddie Mac Borrower Help Center, visit http://www.freddiemac.com

Supportive housing is a highly effective approach that combines access to housing opportunities with thorough coordinated services to help people dealing with housing instability, chronic physical ailments, behavioral and mental health issues by providing essential resources that help stabilize a household. Although affordable housing in its many aspects is part of the solution, by identifying and implementing a wrap-around service delivery model, that includes housing, quality healthcare, workforce development, case management, financial education, and food security will ultimately help close the gaps that impede participants from achieving independence and self-sustainability.

Housing Counseling & Education Services

CPLC is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved counseling agency with more than thirty years of experience. CPLC provides housing counseling services designed to help individuals and families acquire relevant information needed to make sound decisions, identify affordable housing options, and maintain stability. CPLC’s Housing Counseling team is required to adopt and follow The National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling. The National Industry Standards are a set of guidelines for quality homeownership and counseling services.

CPLC’s staff of experienced counselors is dedicated to meet the needs of their clients through three primary areas of focus:
  • PRE-PURCHASE COUNSELING: Our HUD certified pre-purchase counselors can help clients understand the homebuying process and cooperatively develop an action plan towards homeownership. The counselor will tailor the session and review the household budget, credit status, and help create a realistic plan that will prepare the client(s) for the future financial responsibility that is homeownership. A Pre-Purchase session focuses on the credit and financial aspects of homeownership, and the applicant screening for all applicable down payment assistance programs. Our counseling services act as a pre-requisite for any individual looking to obtain a cost-effective mortgage loan, increase the ability to successfully purchase a home, and decrease the risk of foreclosure. To download our Pre-Purchase applicaiton...Click Here!  APPLICATION
  • MORTGAGE DEFAULT COUNSELING: If you’re a homeowner facing possible foreclosure, our certified housing counselors will provide you with a confidential, no-cost session to help you understand your options. In your one-on-one counseling, the counselor will review your household financials and advise you on your viable home retention or transition options. We also provide assistance to clients experiencing a variety of housing issues which may include landlord-tenant conflicts, eminent mortgage delinquency, pending foreclosure sale, and identifying incidents of fraud. To download our Loan Modification Assistance applicaiton...Click Here!  APPLICATION
  • FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER EDUCATION: This instructive 8 hour FTHB class covers the process of homeownership from working with real estate professionals, loan officers, title reps, and understanding the title process. It also covers important subjects such as credit terminology, mortgage products, home inspections, and other relevant homeownership responsibilities. Our HBE Class certificate is approved and accepted by most state and municiple housing subsidy (down payment) programs. Call our office at (702) 207-1614 to inquire or to sign up to next available class.

    Down payment assistance (DPA) programs help homebuyers with loans or grants that reduce the amount they need to save for a down payment. First-time homebuyers can apply for down payment assistance through state and local programs. Grants and forgivable loans are available through partnerships with local municipalities, state programs, and banking institutions aimed at meeting affordable housing needs. Most DPA programs have a deed restriction, meaning, the homebuyer must live in the property up to 5 five years in order to receive complete forgiveness. 

    Attending a counseling session and homebuyer education workshop is a requirement in order to access down payment assistance. 

    The following DPA program are available. All programs are based of funding availablity and submitting a complete application to determine eligibility.
  • Click to see program qualifying guidelines for each program: 




       To inquire about any of the above programs, call us at (702) 207-1614, or email us at lasvegasinfo@cplc.org


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Homeless Resource Center-Housing Opportunities

The City of Las Vegas opened The Courtyard in 2017 as starting point to address homelessness within Corridor of Hope at 314 Foremaster Lane. In 2020, the Las Vegas City Council unanimously approved CPLC Nevada as the operating non-profit entity to fulfill the City’s mission of maintaining the Courtyard as a low-barrier shelter making it accessible to most homeless individuals in need of temporary shelter and accessing a variety of supportive services. The objective is to eliminate barriers and expand access to guests to come in as they are, so long as they help maintain a respectful and safe environment for everyone within the Courtyard.

The Courtyard is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. In addition to providing supportive services, the shelter has 450 beds/mats as of March 2020 and is expected to be able to accommodate 800 by 2021 following an extensive site renovation project, which will include renovated buildings with classrooms, an intake center, workforce assistance, showering facility, kitchen area, mail boxes, pet kennels, larger restroom facilities, and reserved areas for service providers within our network to better service our guests. 

To inquire about our existing Flex and Transitional Housing Opportunities, and/or our supportive housing community partners, please reach out to our homeless outreach team, or MORE team, be reached at 702-229-MORE (6673), or by email at lasvegasinfo@cplc.org

HOPWA Program

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS - HOPWA

The Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It provides states and local level municipalities with resources and incentives for meeting the housing needs of persons with HIV and AIDS. The City of Las Vegas (the HOPWA Program Administrator), has contracted with CPLC Nevada, Inc. to deliver these services to Las Vegas residents needing emergency, short-to-midterm housing assistance, and assistance with identifying permanent housing opportunities for qualfiied individuals and their family members. 

Services provided under the HOPWA Program

  • Short-Term Rent, Mortgage, and Utility assistance (STRMU).
  • Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA).
  • Resource identification services.
  • Permanent Housing Placement (PHP).
  • Housing case management.
  • Other supportive services including, but not limited to, nutritional services, mental health, drug and alcohol treatment, and assistance in gaining access to local, state, and federal government benefits and services.

Who qualifies for HOPWA? Persons and their families with documented HIV disease who meet eligibility requirements. The one (1) low-income person with HIV/AIDS who qualifies a household for HOPWA assistance. This person may be considered “Head of Household.” 

Eligible Beneficiaries:  Low-income persons (at or below 80 percent of area median income) that are medically diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and their families are eligible to receive HOPWA-funded assistance.

To speak with a HOPWA Case Manager and apply for housing assistance, call the program at 702-207-1614, or email us at lasvegasinfo@cplc.org

To identify homeless shelter space availibility within our shelter network, click here.

Why is HOPWA an important service for families living with HIV/AIDS, see that facts and outcomes report prepared by the Department of HUD  - HOPWA REPORT


SW GAS Energy Share Utility Assistance Program


Program Purpose:

  • Provide direct assistance to qualified SW GAS customers within its Nevada service areas who are experiencing a financial crisis or unexpected financial difficulties with their natural gas bill.Southwest Gas Customers may qualify and receive utility assistance up to $400 within a 12 month period from the last program approval date.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Provideaddress and account verification documentation
  • Has not received Energy Share assistance within a12 month period, unless the amount of maximum assistance has not been reached.
  • Complete a program application and provide required household income documentation.
  • Eligible customers must meet current Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, equal or less than 200%
  • Provide proof of financial hardship or crisis that affected the household from making their utility payments.

Application Process:

  • Call us at 702-207-1614, email us at lasvegasinfo@cplc.org, and/or visit our officeto request an application.
  • Complete the application and collect all required documentation prior to scheduling your appointment. 
  •  How can I get an application?
    • Complete the following intake and an application will be emailed to you, and once completed, you may call in to set your appointment
    • Visit our office, complete an intake and a physical application will be provideed, and scheduly your appointment