About Us


Our parent organization Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc., (CPLC) was founded and incorporated in 1969 by a group of community and student activists of Mexican descent to address the problems of the barrios of South Central Phoenix, Arizona. Although their initial focus was to create employment opportunities and combat community deterioration, CPLC became increasingly aware that these problems were much deeper rooted. As a result, CPLC expanded its services and provides assistance to disadvantaged individuals regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, or creed. Our service delivery system provides bilingual and bicultural social services in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada impacting more than two hundred thousand individuals of low-income annually. 

In 2010, a community assessment was conducted with Nevada’s stakeholders and vested community members to acquire input and determine community need. CPLC made a decision to expand into Nevada offering housing counseling services and economic development opportunities, and opened their Las Vegas office on October 2010. On December 2014, CPLC Nevada, Inc. was officially incorporated as a 501c (3) wholly owned affiliate of Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. CPLC Nevada currently offers the following programs; Housing Counseling & Education, Small Business Lending, Parenting Nevada Program, and Tiempo Real Estate Development in Northern Nevada.

Through thoughtful planning, CPLC established and currently focuses on the following services within the program lines listed below:

  • Education
  • Health and Human Services
  • Housing
  • Economic Development

As a subsidiary of Chicanos Por La Causa Inc., CPLC Nevada proudly plays a supportive role in maintaing our position as the third largest Hispanic Community Development Corporations in the United States. CPLC Nevada believes in the mission of building stronger, healthier communities by providing the political and economic empowerment to people to learn the skills and develop the resources necessary to become self-sufficient, offering a hand-up rather than a hand-out. 

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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (CPLC) is a community development corporation, committed to building stronger, healthier communities as a lead advocate, coalition builder, and direct service provider. CPLC promotes positive change and self-sufficiency to enhance the quality of life for the benefit of those we serve.

Our Vision

CPLC is a progressive, community based organization recognized locally, nationally, and internationally as a model for responsive, integrated human and economic development. CPLC is a benchmark culturally proficient organization whose unifying voice and advocacy builds alliances, bridges borders, and empowers communities and the people we serve.

Nevada Area President


Rupert W. Ruiz

Nevada Area President
CPLC Nevada, Inc. 

Nevada Advisory Board

Chelsie C. Campbell Esq.

NV Energy
Government Affairs Executive

Nancy M. Alamo Ed.D

Vice Chair
CCSD Coordinator

English Language Learner Division

Telma Lopez

SW Gas Corporation

Administrator Public Affairs

Javier Trujillo


City of Henderson
Director of Public Affairs

Lisa Ruiz-Lee

Principal Strategist
Mosaic Partners

Alex Ortiz

Clark County Nevada
Assist Director of Administrative Services

Santana Garcia

Henderson Police Department
Manager of Administrative Services


CPLC Nevada Inc.
3685 Pecos-Mcleod
Las Vegas, NV 89121 Map
(702) 207-1614 Main Line
(702) 207-1618 Parenting Nevada
(702) 207-6547 Prestamos-Small Business Lending

CPLC Corporate Headquarters
1112 East Buckeye Road
Phoenix, AZ 85034 Map
(602) 257-0700

Northern CPLC Nevada Inc.
3695 Desatoya Dr., Ste 201
Carson City, NV 89701 Map
(775) 721-5648

Annual Report


To visit our corporate website and learn more about the services provided, click here.